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Hey, sister! I’m Leah. 


Feeling deeply called to assist with the collective rising of divine feminine energy, I’ve been embodying my inner priestess and using my extensive event coordination background to facilitate powerful and transformational experiences for women. 


A bit more about me..

  • Manifestress 

  • Priestess

  • Soulpreneur 

  • Motivator 

  • Homeschooling Mama 

  • Kundalini Yogi + Teacher In Training 

  • Usui Reiki I - Level 1 Practitioner 

  • Star-gazer 

  • Tree-hugger 

  • Beach Bum 

  • Music Fest Lover 

  • Capricorn Sun

  • Scorpio Moon 

  • Taurus Rising

  • Manifesting Generator 

  • ENFP


I’m on a mission to reawaken sisterhood and guide women to remember their personal power, beauty, and magic.


Let’s create magic together!

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