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How circle changed my life...

As the founder of Her Sacred Circle, I consciously curate circles, ceremonies and retreats to guide people into deeper connection with their own hearts and into remembrance that life is ceremony and community is medicine. ⁣⁣

As a feminine energy mentor and certified womb wellness advocate who is trained in a variety of healing modalities, I facilitate rite of passage ceremonies, private circles and 1:1 sessions with women to provide spaces for reverence, reflection and reclamation.


Through my Return to Circle certification program, I mentor women who feel called to facilitate circles of their own to support the mission of reawakening sisterhood on the planet.


I also facilitate a free, virtual, sisterhood space - the Her Sacred Circle Goddess Collective - which currently connects thousands of women worldwide.


I am on a mission to create spaces for connection and to guide people into remembrance. And for me, it all started with one circle. 

I’d like to share a quick story with you...the story of my first experience in sister circle. 

In an instant—everything changed.


It was in the mountains of Virginia, at a women's retreat. I found myself sitting in my first women's circle. Wounded by relationships with women in the past and having wounded many relationships with women myself…I truly didn't think authentic sisterhood was possible. But there I was, in circle, experiencing it. Feeling it. Loving it. Truly being held, seen, heard, and supported. 



Hi, I'm Leah.

Founder of Her Sacred Circle


Photo: LUVJOY Studios

It was beautiful. 

It was real. 

It was true. 

And it was ancient.

It felt as if my soul had been circling for lifetimes. An instant remembering. 

I realized then that this wasn’t an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down to the very last cell in my body that I had to share the medicine of sisterhood, of circling, with as many women as possible. I had no idea, in that moment, that my life would change forever. I just knew that I had found what I'd been seeking and I wanted to scream it from the mountaintops so other women knew they could find it, too. 

Fast-forward to now…

I have the honor and privilege of holding sacred circle for women both in-person and virtually. I'm serving as a bridge to bring forth the medicine/gifts other women have to share by creating spaces for connection. Thousands of women are cultivating sacred sisterhood in my online community. I'm mentoring other women on how to lead their own circles. And the list goes on and on. 

I am forever grateful to be walking this path. I am truly LIVING my mission to reawaken sisterhood and to guide women into remembering their own divine power, beauty and magic. And through this sacred work, I’m on an ongoing journey of healing and elevation myself. 

Sisterhood IS medicine. And I know it can heal this planet. 

Have you experienced true sisterhood in your life? 

Have you ever sat in circle? 

Are you still tending to a sisterhood wound?

Does it all seem too good to be true? 


Trust me…authentic sisterhood DOES exist. 

There ARE women out there who will hold you, support you, uplift you and see you for all that you are…in your light, in your dark, in your beauty, and in your mess. 

I have experienced it in my own life and continue to witness it daily in our sisterhood and at the gatherings I hold. 

If you’re hearing the call to return to circle, to return to sacred sisterhood, and to return to your own heart, let’s chat, sister. Check out our events and services to learn more about the opportunities for you to claim sacred sisterhood in your life. 

Together we rise. 

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